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Richards rifle building videos are rated as among the best instruction video’s available today. Every aspect of putting together a precision accurate rifle is shown in great detail in a down to earth manner that all can understand. A great many fellows have learned to build their first precision accurate rifle from these videos. Some have gone into business building rifles for others. Go to and ask a few questions on their forum.  I have five instruction videos on all metal work, (lathe & mill), precision stock inletting on the mill, stock prep and applying finish, stress free pillar bedding, how to build a precision accurate long range smokeless muzzle loader, how to make precision accurate hand loads, how to make your own long range click charts, including zeroing the rifle for different ranges, equipment needed and lots of good info on long range shooting. I also have three videos on shooting Groundhogs with many good long range shots shown. On one of these videos all shots are with my custom smokeless muzzle loader. These hunting videos are a wealth of information as well.

In January 2012 I completed the book "A Rifle Smith's Handbook" which is an instruction manual for the beginning rifle smith or the experienced machinist that does not have rifle building knowledge. It is 365 pages of good information on all aspects of building precision accurate rifles, lathe & milling machine operation & set ups, stock making & finishing, stress free pillar bedding and much more. It is offered for sale as a PDF file which I can email to you for $35.00

Payment can be made by Paypal, Credit card, Personal checks, Money order

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Richard Franklin, Box 100, Fortine, Montana, 59918

I relocated back to Northwest Montana in 2013 and am building a house and new gun shop here. I will be building a few custom rifles when I have the shop up and running again. Hopefully in the spring or summer of 2015





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All rifles and wood stocks pictured on this site was built by Richard Franklin

info on RIFLESMITHING Training Video's

Metal working for a Rifle smith

Stress free pillar bedding

How to inlett, bed & apply clear coat stock finish

How to build a smokeless powder long range muzzleloader

Precision reloading for accuracy

Making a long range click chart

Hunting Groundhogs with long range muzzleloaders

Death in the Green Grass 2006 (Groundhog hunting)

Death in the Green Grass 2008 (Groundhog Hunting)

info on Groundhog Hunting Video's

I continue to have in stock and for sale all of my RIFLE SMITHING & Groundhog hunting videos

The  instruction video's contain many, many hours of lathe & milling machine training on every aspect of building precision accurate and good looking rifles & stocks

Just about everything I  know about building rifles is on these video's

 All videos filmed, edited and produced by  

Richard Franklin

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Box 100, Fortine, Montana, 59918
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