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Joel's 30-338 Lapua 2008


Over the years I have had many customer comments, I apologize for not posting all of them. If you have a comment please send them in and I'll try to post them here

 Thanks to you all.........Richard Franklin


Comments from Peter Fullman, Sask. Canada March 14, 2014

I live in eastern Saskatchewan - almost on the Manitoba border.  Sometimes I tell people I live 200 miles directly north of Minot, ND.  If I had the time I would love to drop by - it is very pretty country.  Some 30 years ago I had a friend who lived in Red Lodge Montana so it has been a long since since I have been in Western Montana.

 Glad to hear you will be building rifles again soon!  That is why I kept checking your website.  I am considered a very fussy person - I know what I want and only want the best.  You are one of the few people I would give an unconditional 100% endorsement to.  I want another Richard Franklin rifle so I will start saving now.

 The person I used to export the rifle you built for me a few years ago no longer exports rifles, only shotguns (long story).  Anyway I found another company in Washington State that does this work and the price is acceptable - their service is very good.  (Nothing is free even though this whole export control to Canada and other countries is really expensive government red tape driven by United Nations Gun Proliferation controls but it is what is is.)

   In case you get some future inquiries from Canadian customers, here is their website:

Peter Fullman




Richard  March 2014

Many thanks for sending the videos. They are as good as it gets. I have bedded several of my older Remingtons as per your instructions and they have never shot as well as they do now. I am happy to hear you will be building custom rifles again out there in Montana soon. I am planning on having you make me two more when you get the new shop up and running this summer. I hope you will be making your very nice laminated stocks. Their design and quality is the best out there. Luck with the new house and shop. If possible I would like to come out for a week or so and watch some of the work on my rifles.

Best regards

Larry Johnson


Hello Richard

Hope you are well. I am very impressed with your instructional videos I purchased and have put them to good use. Your clarity of delivery and quality of information leave other providers in the industry for dead. I am looking forward to reading your Rifle Man's Handbook.



Comment from sonny Chu, March 7 2014

Hello dear Richard,

  Appreciate your quick response and update very much.  Thank you!

Just to update you about my success with bedding 3 rifles, of course with the help of you rifle bedding video I got from you about 2 months ago.  I bedded 3 Remington 700s, one in 7mm-08, the other is a cal. 308, and also a Remington Sendero in 7mm Rem Mag.  The bedding work came out solid and without any blemish.  Just looks beautifully done.  Thanks all to your detailed video instruction. You are a MASTER rifle-smith indeed!

My 7mm-08 is all set up with a Vortex scope and ready to be zero in.  I'm 100% sure it can group under 1/2 moa when I zero them at range.  The other 2 rifles are awaiting the scopes to be mounted.  Will keep you posted. 


John Chu



Mike Cushman comment on the Metal Working video Jan. 2014

Many thanks!! Again you did a great job on the video. Your many years of experience & talent on the machine work came through loud & clear. This was the most helpful DVD I have watched including Gordy Gritters.  Hope you get to enjoy your retirement for many years. The local ground hogs probably disagree with me on that one.  Mike Cushman




Dear Mr, Franklin,       June 2012


Thank you for sharing your knowledge about precision rifles, and stock making. I have bought your DVD’s about stress free pillar bedding and the DVD about inletting, clear coat and pillar bedding. I am very grateful for all of them.


My name is Frederic Harvey, I’m a French Canadian from the Province of Québec. If you have a few minutes here is my short story. I have been involved in the rifle world for about 5 years now, and got into precision/reloading for now three years and in F-Class shooting for one year.


I bought a rifle from a f-class shooter last year (action-barrel), he has since became a good friend. He brought me to a local match and then I fell in love with f-class shooting and nicely made rifles.


I bought a couple of rifle action barrel and a stock from Robertson Composite here in Canada. When I received the rifle I was very pleased with its performance, but very disappointed with the look and the finishing touch of the stock.


Raising a family with 3 children and a wife who is a full time stay at home Mom, I have to do some extra work to pay for bullets, powder and the events that surrounds the f-class competition. So to go along with my new found passion, I created a bipod out of steel (it was powder coated), then one out of aluminum and last but not least my best one yet. A bipod made of carbon fibre and aluminum that is fully adjustable.


My wife and I decided to start a small business to sell them, that being said about the new stock from Robertson I decided to take a chance and make my own stocks. F-class style of course…..


I have made my duplicator from scratch, done a few blanks and designs of my own. I have done all the stocks and inletting the bedding the clear coat with your help from the DVDs I bough from you. I send you a few images of my work.


I hope one day to meet you in person. I would like to say thank you once more for sharing all your knowledge about precision rifles. I would like to wish you many years to come of rifle and stock making and most of all having a good time shooting ground hogs.


Fred Harvey

Marieville, Quebec, Canada

img_0010.jpg       star shooter stock.01.jpg    IMG_9801.jpg

Hello Fred

Thank you for the compliments. You are a very talented individual for sure and are doing some very nice work.  When I see fellows that have been inspired by my work do this quality of rifle making it warms my heart and makes life worthwhile.

Thank you very much





Richard      April 23/2012,
I have all your DVDs. My next project will be a custom smokeless ML. I sure am glad you put your knowledge down on DVDs to share with the rest of us trigger pullers! I have also enjoyed reading "Pages of my life" you sure have been around the block a time or two! When you where up in Canada doing guide work did you ever come across Bigfoot and or his tracks? Just curious as it is a subject that interest me. Have you thought of writing a book about your life experiences? If you do let me know because I would like a autographed copy for my collection! I hope you are doing well and you are enjoying retirement.

Warmest regards

Jeff Bridges


Hi Richard        March 4th, 2012

I received your Metal working for a Rifle Smith  DVD and watched it last night. I was very pleased with the information and detail you provided.

I am a Aircraft Mechanic / Fitter & Machinist by profession here in Australia and have been holding back for years to build my own rifles. I have the skills but lacked the knowledge. Thanks Mate ! You pretty much nailed it for me.


Brett Vincent.



 I just finished watching your metal working DVD and it was great. It was very informative and I really enjoyed it. I am planning on starting my own home gunsmithing business soon and can use all the help I can get. I have several questions that I would like to ask you about the DVD, but before I shoot them your way, I wanted to ask your permission to do so.
 On another note, I would like to order your “Stress Free Pillar Bedding” and “Inletting, Bedding, and Clearcoating” Stocks DVDS. I will send $53 through PayPal.
 Thanks and I appreciate you putting your talent, knowledge, and experience on film.

Kyle Craig


Hello Richard,     Jan. 2012
I did a search on Google and found your DVD for rent on another site. I was very impressed with both your ability and the quality of the DVD. This is seldom the case when it comes to gunsmithing presentations. Thank you for the detailed explanations. Please remember for your next video to never overestimate the knowledge and experience of your audience. There are many viewers out there with a lot of interest and very little knowledge. I am certainly one of them.
Many thanks,


Thank you Ernie for your compliments

On your comment on over estimating the knowledge of the veiwers. After one does something for so long the movements & details become so ingrained in your mind that what you are doing comes so easy. I realize that what you are saying is so true when I look at it in retrospect. If I get the chance to do more videos I will try to reach out to people such as yourself. 

Sometimes I think I should just start at the beginning and put down in a book the knowledge that is in my mind.

I am retired now for over a year and enjoying it. The videos are  very good sellers and are a good supplement to my meager pension. I get many emails from people such as yourself from all over the world and it is a joy to me to receive and read these emails and to know that I have helped in some way to teach what I have learned.

  Many thanks

  Richard Franklin

GDay Richard          January 17th, 2012

Not sure if this email address is still current, I've been lucky enough to have seen a couple of your Dvd's on Bedding and lathe work, and they have been first class ! really well done
I wanted to pick up the Stock inletting dvd, but as i'm in Australia, i just wanted to check on how much you needed for postage.

It's a pity that you never relocated to Australia before you retired - I've seen the quality of your rifle work,  and its the best i've seen without doubt! There are some good smiths here of course, but the quality of your work would have seen you very busy "Down Under "

I always wanted a Franklin stock !!


Darren Mc Namara, Australia




January 7, 2012

Dear Richard
I found your site through a forum several weeks ago researching information on the 
Standard rifle of Wilmington, Delaware. A individual raved about your videos so I wrote 
down the info and pulled it up on the computer. As I can tell from your testimonials and
pictures of the workmanship in your rifles, you are a master of your trade.

With that said, I am going to order up the following:

Stress free pillar bedding, Precision reloading, Metal working for a Rifle Smith
Inletting and Bedding and you shooting bench plans. Enclosed is a check for $116.00 for
all the videos.

I purchased a lathe several years ago and have used it a bit on turning, have a good under
standing of firearms as I have been buying and selling for 50 years. But I am scared shitless
to put a barrel in the lathe and go to work on it. I hope your video will take me past the 
scared point. I have been doing stock work for more years than I care to admit, but I think
your videos will give me some new perspective on this. Also I live in Montana and have access 
to many Prairie dogs in Eastern Montana. The bench will be fabed in my shop. Please send the 
drawings with the videos.

After studying your website I believe I will learn and enjoy your videos. Never too old to learn, 
even at 66. Got to keep moving to stay ahead of the devil. Lots of items on my bucket list.

Best Regards
Bill Queen
Huson Mt. 59846

I purchased the DVD set on building a custom smokeless muzzleloader from you a couple of months ago. I watched the set, and decided to build one of these rifles for Ohio deer hunting. The ability to shoot 500 yards on a whitetail made this a very beneficial project. The instructions were very good, and you answered all of my other questions very quickly by email. Bob Parker (Parker Productions) was also a wealth of knowledge when it came to the bullet selection. I will list out the components that I used on the build. very good. This weekend I will be shooting out to 300 yards, and the following weekend deer hunting with this rifle. I hope to get zero's out to 500 yards in the spring when I have more time to shoot. The rifle is a pleasure to shoot. Thank you for offering the instructional material like this. The project turned out great in my mind and a very large part of that is because of you. Thanks Again!

Jonathan Zimmerman


  It makes me very happy to see fellows like you learning and building nice rifles from my videos. It appears to be a fine rifle from the pics and know you will like it. There is one suggestion I would make and that is the stock. If you want to be able to shoot this thing and have it behave like a baby you should consider getting one of my model 11 stocks from Tommy Shurley. Nearly all of the MLs I built were based on this stock. It removes a great deal of the felt recoil from the muzzleloader. You will not believe it until you try it. The 1st rifle I built for myself went into the HS Precision stock like yours because it was here and quick. Later I put the rifle into the model 11 and day and night to shoot. I have many times fired over 100 rounds off the bench and enjoyed it.. Just pull the rifle back into the shoulder really tight and be sure you are behind the rifle. Its amazing that tight groups can be shot this way but they can.

PS Always be sure to use primer holders that are TIGHT. I have fired over 300 rounds on this one nipple and it just keeps on keeping on.

If it is ok with you I will post your comments on my website.

  Good luck on the hunt and have a great 2012.





Richard             Nov/2008    

Finally had an opportunity to shoot the 6.5 this weekend and it's incredible.  After zeroing in the scope I shot six shots in the same whole at a hundred yards.  Now we'll start to be more sophisticated with our bullet construction and start shooting at distance.  I'll send you some targets when we get out there a bit so you can post them and gloat.  I'll also send some pictures.

This is easily the most accurate rifle I've ever shot.  They just keep getting better.
Joel Lucich 

Richard                                                     Nov/09

I watched "Metalworking for a Riflesmith". It was like a good novel. I couldn’t stop until I finished it. You were right. I learned a lot and got many good ideas from this video.

It is really good of you to be willing to pass along the knowledge and skill you have accumulated over the years.

 Scott Moody



I opened the rifle today and wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with the rifle.  The fit, finish and workmanship far exceeded my expectations.  I can only hope that I can shoot the groups that you provided me with.  But with this rifle as the starting point, I am surely getting a great start.

I was very impressed with how professional every aspect of the purchase was handled by you and your company.  Even my FFL dealer said you just “did everything right”.

You were great letting me know where we were along the way and it made it seem more like I was part of creating this rig.

I’ll send you some groups.

Thanks once again,


(DAVE NAAS) Minnesota

Hi Richard,

Finally did some workup on the 6MM BR you did for me. What a jewel!
Believe it or not, I printed on a 100 yard target on the first shot. After adjusting the scope a bit, it was right in the money.
After playing with a few loads, it shot consistently in the .3 to .4 range….. I think It’ll do better with a bit of work.

I’m very pleased with it, Thanks!



Mr. Franklin,

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I am extremely pleased with the rifle you built for me. The fit and finish and overall looks of the rifle are excellent but it is the accuracy that I am most pleased with.

So far I have only shot new brass as I plan to fire form 100 cases for next spring and the groundhogs. With unfired brass, N160 and 87gr V-Max bullets it is shooting consistently in the 2's and 3's at nearly 3600 fps! I have only shot a few groundhogs with this load but kills were instant. I loaded some 90gr Nosler Ballistic tips for deer hunting and was happy to find that they shot just as well as the V-Max's.

With the Noslers my oldest son shot 2 nice bucks at 482 yds. and 431 yds., neither deer traveled over 25 yds. after being hit. As a dual purpose rifle, I couldn't ask for anything better than this.

I appreciate you building this fine rifle for me and plan on another this spring. A couple of my shooting buddies will be giving you a call soon as they are interested in having you build them a rifle also.

Gary Brantley


I want to thank you for the excellent work on my varmint rifle! It is truly a fine piece and will stay with me till I pass on.

I shot it this afternoon--bore sighted by eye--used 1" Birchwood-casy orange target spots--1st. sighter was in the dot @ 4 o'clock--2ond. touched--3rd. touched second @ 3 o'clock. wind made it a .333" group. height was .100".
Good to go!

This means that the stock isn't too crooked! You Da' Man!

Thanks also for the price break. Every bit helps!

Take care and next time I come up I'll be sure that you are there.

Your friend,

Hi Richard,
Both mine and Gary's rifles are shooting PERFECT.
I never thought I would see a .30 cal that would shoot groups like these guns do.Gary does most of the reloading and I do most of the shooting.He is wanting a full length resizing die to use in his RCBS press.Can you make us one with your reamer?

Thanks, Steve Kenney

P.S. 43 hogs so far this season.I'm going to W.Va in two weeks for a week of hog hunting.....



I went to the post office on the off chance that they were holding the box but forgot to leave a notice. It turns that is exactly what happened. It was a long wait on line but worth it. Separately, I finally got the range this afternoon to try out the new rifle (lots of family obligations). The wind was howling but I was easily managing .2 inch groupings. It is really fun to shoot, the trigger is a real thrill and the optics are great. You built 1 heck of a great rifle and I really appreciate it.




Its here and FANTASTIC. thank you for being so easy to work with. all of my hunting buddies are drooling

thanks again


I received my pistol on Wednesday right on schedule and enthusiastically tore open the box and pulled out a work of art !!!. The stock is perfect. You're work is excellent. Thank You again.
I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, I still have to mount the scope, prep the cases, neck turn, fire form, load development, etc. all the usual things that need to be done when sorting through a new gun. I'm confident that the gun will work out O.K. and the stock you made all ready exceeds my expectations.

Sincerely, Kyle Hoke

Chuck Garret....PA.
Just a note to say thanks for a great looking stock! The metal is now in the wood, the stock has been sanded and I'm near the end of the filling process. I finally decided to use an 'in wood finish' by Chem Tek with a slight amount of walnut stain to 'pop' the graining a bit. A couple more coats -- and the project will be nearing completion.
I do have one question though -- I'm about to 'bite the bullet' and order a new scope -- and I'm looking at Burris' Black Diamond in 8-32 power. I've never owned a Burris, and was wondering what you might think -- or perhaps you have a better recommendation.
Once again, thank you -- and if this stock is an indication of the quality of workmanship on the rifles you build and the other things you do -- you truly ara a master craftsman! Have a great day!

Hi Richard
I picked up my rifle Thursday it is beautiful. I spent most or the week end helping with a auction but I did get a scope mounted and zeroed it in. We set the front rest and rear bag on my pickup bed cover and four shots to zero then the next three under .5 inch. I was running a couple of patches between shots and it seems like it will be a short break in. No time to set up a bench but such is life. I plan to take some time just to shoot soon.
Thanks Stephen

I dont have a lot of time to tell you about this rifle but the targets will speak for themselves, Tell me what you think. at a 100 yards I was under .250 and at 300 yards I was at about a 1 inch group with eight shots.  100 yards was five shots.
51.5 clicks and 257 bushing and I am seating these very long.
I will give you a call when I have a little more time, the only advise  I can give you on building a rifle is that you need to raise your prices. I own over a hundred rifles and none of them are even close to this rifle, I have had several people try to buy this rifle from me, and believe me I will die owning this rifle.
Thanks Again
Sam Smith


Just wanted to say thanks and the stock looks great. I will let you know
how it shoots later this week.

Thanks again for the great job,

Alan Orr

All I have to say is


Sam Smith


Hi Richard,

First of all, I want to pass on my thanks for building such an excellent rifle. The craftsmanship is outstanding and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of your work. Everything we discussed turned out just the way I wanted it. Thank you very much.

Greg Wilson


I shot a screamer group with the 6BRX at Hawks Ridge 1000yds NC state last
week 3.830" small group of the day, but I did not win the shootoff.

This past Sat. At 600 yds Benchrest I shot a 2.8" 4 target agg with a 1.5"
small group & 199 score in light gun with the BRX 4th place in group & 2nd

Now for the good news. The 6XC Heavy gun on the BAT shot a 3.4" agg with a
208 score. First in score & 4th in group.That now 208 is the Pending HEAVY
GUN WORLD RECORD for score. And the 2 gun score of 407 is now Pending 2 GUN
WORLD RECORD for SCORE. Alot of people are asking who put the guns together,
and I am sending them your way. Thanks for 2 World Record Class Guns.

Mark Schronce


I received the rifle today. Beautiful stock. I'll enjoy finishing
this. Thank you for the excellent work.

Tim Collins

( Kees Hoendervangers ) in the Netherlands

Hi Richard

I spent the best part of the day at the airport in Amsterdam yesterday but they finally released my rifle, when I opened the box I was extremely pleased with what I saw, your new design stock is awesome it is very stabile and rides the bags perfect and I am more then happy with the overall finish, just love your desert camo. You were right about the Bat action it is a beauty and works very smooth, I have played with it a bit and I think I’m gonna like the left port very much. The Tubs adjustable is a good deal as well, for the first time I feel very comfortable sitting behind my rifle. I have installed the scope so I am ready to go and break in that barrel and I’m sure that if I do my part, this rifle is not going to let me down.

Thanks for building me another fine rifle, for all your good advice and for keeping me updated about the progress along the way.

See ya,



On the weekend of April 1, 2006, I shot and won the F-Class division of the 2006 Georgia State Long Range Championship, known as the Stars & Bars, at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

The match was conducted at 1000 yards on the 600 yd target. I was shooting my 300 WSM in your new Low Rider stock. The gun tracked beautifully and I don't remember the recoil at all as the Low Rider just tamed it like I was shooting a smaller caliber. Other shooters even commented on how the gun tracked straight back without any lift at all. Sweet.

Thanks again for a great design and the craftsmanship put into my Low Rider stock.

Jim Hardy

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to write and thank you for another superb piece of craftsmanship on the build and fitting of the Lowrider stock to my Nesika/Lilja custom rifle. I shot the rifle for the first time with the new Lowrider stock last weeked and was very pleased with it’s performance.

The total rifle weight is 15.5lbs. I was shooting the 6.5/284 barrel with 142grn Sierra Matchkings at 2900fps. The barrel has a removable muzzle brake installed. The combination of the brake and the flat tracking Lowrider stock easily enable me to watch bullet holes appear in the target through the scope without losing the sight picture under recoil. I never thought this would be possible in a gun of this weight but honestly, it was like self spotting with a 17 Remington. OK, maybe a bit lot noisier but still just as easy to see the bullet strikes! Congratulations on the design and thanks again for the top quality work.


Greg Wilson.

I put the BRX LowRider to work Sat at the first 600 yds Benchrest of the year. I got first in LG score agg with a 196 and a single target 50 with a 2.4" group. Both are pending world records if they hold thru the year. I will find out later. I was second in group LG with a 2.650" 4 target agg. with a small group of 2.0". Score and group combined I was LG champ. Hg shot with the same gun. I didn't fair as well. the wind got me in the middle is my string on my last target shot a 5.6" group. got 5th in group. 2 gun I was 2nd in group with a 2.9962 for a 8 target agg and 5th in score with a 379.

Mark Schronce


Thanks again for all the help, and a very nice stock. Your videos were very interesting and detailed, and I picked up a lot of good techniques. You obviously spent a lot of time making them, and I wanted to tell you of my appreciation of your efforts.

The rifle is finished, and I will be breaking it in this weekend. Attached is a picture. I ended up finishing it with Waterlox, and am very pleased with the appearance. I hope that it shoots as good as it looks.

I have more pictures HERE ( if you are interested.

Thanks again! I’ll be back for another before too long!






Just a comment,

Each of the rifles you built for me has been nothing short of fantastic. They perform beautifully and are beautiful to behold. During our last varmint hunt, every single person in camp said the 20 BR with the Maple stock you built for me was the most beautiful rifle they had ever seen. After they saw it shoot, they all were in total awe. It drills sub .2 groups @ 100 yards all day long….. Regardless of who was shooting it.

While I’m not a competitive shooter, each and every rifle shoots exceptionally well. I’m not benchrest savvy but I think the 1 1/2 “ group I shot with the 6mm BR @ 600 yds would be competitive on occasion.

I appreciate the fine craftsmanship and care you’ve taken with each of the rifles..

If you ever need a reference from a doubter, have them give me a buzz…. I’ll set them straight.

Kindest regards,



Well my 10 day waiting period for California was over on December 28th. Just to see this rifle and holding it for the first time was amazing. Your craftsmenship was incredible. The rifle was everything I dreamed and more. Thank you for recommending the Neskia action.

I went out to the range today with the Lapua ammo I purchased. Boy was this rifle a tack driver. I am not a great shot by any means, but this rifle really took up the slack. I was shooting just under .5 MOA at 100 and just a little bigger at 200 yards.

The fact that I own this rifle really makes my year. It was worth every penny. Your advice, counsel and patience was nothing less than spectacular and I will never forget it. I have been searching for a custom long range deer rifle and dealing with several different custom rifle builders and your standards are my standards and I am hard pressed to find another like you.

I can't wait for my Prairie Dog hunt in Texas in summer of 2007.

Words can't describe the pride I have in owning this 6mm Benchrest.

Thank you so much

Greg Breiner Dec. 30/06, California

Hello Richard,

Great talking with you today ! THANKS for taking the time to talk with this 'ole Tennessee varmint hunter ! I know you are busy, but would sure like to talk and share some "lies", as any hunter worth a damn is gonna do ! I appreciate your calling me back concerning the Mod.10 stock I had ordered. It came this afternoon by UPS ! Looks good and I know it will make a handsome stock if I do my part ! I only wish that I could have you make a duplicate of your ground hog gun ! I will do my best to match the beautiful work you did on that rifle !! I will keep you posted ;that is if you're interested ! Will send a few pictures of some of my work that I've "hacked" out over the years. If you remember when we talked a few weeks ago, I'm an old (67) gunsmith" wannabe" that started out with an FFL and some stationary to sell my ideas: to try and be a "gunsmith" ! I didn't have the money to purchase the machinery that I needed, so had to struggle with the bare essentials until 1968. When ML King was shot here , a short time later the ATF started a "re-assement" of their renewal policy ! One Sat. morn. they came" visiting" and said that if I couldn't establish a business away from my house that I would not be eligible for a renewal ! So, that's where it ended ! It didn't end my desires,though, and I've still struggled along "whittling"out a few Varmint guns when I can !! I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 of you DVD's ! I picked up some good info from all of them and that's no BS !! You got my attention with that 300WSM, and when I "win the lottery" or come into a fortune from some long lost relative (don't have any) I'm gonna have you build me something!! I'm in total agreement with the high velocity approach to destroy"with extreme prejudice" any varmint you hunt ! I manage to get out West and annihilate all the prairie dogs I can. Do pretty good with my .243,.243Ackley,6mm/284,.243WSSM,.204R,and my newest dazzler, a 5mm/35 SMC at 4600 fps (chronographed) that I will un-leash this May !! Sure wish I could come and visit.....oh well,.. maybe someday it could work out !! I'll quit rambling and let you get back to work ! Take care and as a great frontiersman once said " watch 'yer back" !!!
Bill Duke

From Norm Liddecoate, Spokane, Washington 5/14/07


I enjoyed it and think you got a great story and I think you
should do what you have to to protect it and make it
yours. You had good flow to it and in my wild imagination
I could see a movie. Think on it the travel the places you seen
the people you met. Great people from all walks of life.

Thats my opinion. And I am hard to please in books. But as I
read yours I started wondering who could play the different people.

Now you heard from the Dreamer. Norm.

Note; (2011) Norm & I worked heavy construction in British Columbia back in the 80s. We mined placer gold together and had many camping/prospecting trips in BC. Norm was a great friend. I'll never forget him.


Hello Richard,
  I would first just like to say I read your life stories and appreciated them very much. You've probably already thought of it but you should write a book.I am envious of some of your experiences and hoping someday I can live my dream.
Right now I live in Southern Maryland with my wife and five children. I guess I should just feel blessed that I still have places to hunt.
  I'd like to get a copy of your Metalworking video so I'm assuming I just send a check to the address on your website.
Which I will do. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been hunting and shooting most of my life. I'm 39 now and am just becoming interested in gunsmithing. Looking at some used lathes and since I have no schooling or 'mentor' am looking for all the learning material I can find.Well Thanks for your time.God bless you.
                                                                                              Matthew Wise

Dear Richard,
   I want to thank you for making the video "Metal Working For a Rifle Smith". It is a good way to give back and share your knowledge of gunsmithing to others. I just finished watching it completely at one sitting(ALL 4 HRS WORTH) :o). It has the information that I am looking for to build my own rifle. As a retired school teacher that has sat through numerous boring professional development seminars, yours was easy to follow and see what the piece that you were working with.  I have never done a barrel replacement.  But now I think that it may be possible with your video looking over my shoulder. In the past I have had to rely on gunsmiths to do this job for me.  I will never try to do it professionally, but just wanted the self satisfaction of having done this for myself. I have always like to shoot accurate rifles. Now maybe I can build one for myself.
  Thanks again,
   Gary J. Christy
   107 S. Spring Rd.
   Westerville, Oh. 43081


The 22-250 shoots like the rest of your products, all puuurrrfict.  I shot 200 rounds through it and the same amount through the 20 BR both Friday and Saturday.  I'm thinking my average kill ratio was some where in the 80% range and only really missing at the ground squirrels that were out well beyond 200+ yards.  That makes close to six hundred plus kills.  Wow!  What a trip.  Now I can't wait for the Ackley.
Keep up the great work.
Joel  Lucich, Cal.




I read with great interest your "pages". Do write have had a very interesting life that is great to


Bill Malicki


Richard, I will most probably never be able to afford one of your beautiful rifles, but I have purchased all your dvd's.. I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your "My Life" pages.. Everytime I read them it makes me dream of what my life could have been if I would have followed my dreams like you did.. You should write a book and have it published.. Just thought you should know how it touched me.. John Pawlak



  I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that the rifle that you built for me a couple years ago has been my favorite groundhog rifle ever since.

I love the 6mm AI, it really does a number on them!(ground hogs and foxes) I have used the loads that you recommended to me and a few other ones. The rifle seems to shoot great with anything that I load up. It rarely shoots five shots over ½” @ 100 yards, most times it groups much tighter. I live a couple hours North of you just over the MD line in Frederick county and get out as much as I can. The only trouble is that they keep screwing up good groundhog hunting farms by  building houses!

I’ve been hunting varmints with my dad for over thirty years (he is 71 and still loves to get out as much as we can). The only good thing about deer season being over now is that we start looking forward to spring and getting the varmint guns out!

I attached a couple pictures, I’d love to come down and do a little hunting with you sometime.

Hope you had a good deer season and good holiday.

Best regards,         


Gary  Dobbs


Hello Richard…
I would just like to first say have done some VERY IMPRESSIVE things in your life and as far as I am concerned are living THE REAL MAN'S...AMERICAN DREAM! I have REALLY enjoyed your website and just cannot get enough! I sure wish I lived close enough to you to do some long range HOG hunting because around here I cannot get anyone interested in going. When I lived in KY I had a buddy who was retired and we would go about every afternoon when I got off of work and every weekend and I REALLY miss it. Of course, they would throw us in jail now for do some of the things we did then (shooting from the road from the window of our trucks) and back then every farmer would welcome us to shoot all we wanted. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your website and reading about your life.
Thanks and again...I appreciate all of the great info on your website...I have truly enjoyed every minute I have spent on your site.  
Bryant R. Brown
FFL Firearms Dealer/Shooting Supplies
LoneWolf Shooters Supply


Hello Rich
Richard thanks for sending the DVDs on the Inletting,Bedding and Clearcoat. I thought it was well done easy to understand. I was going to ask if you would put a video out on this and you did you read my mind. Another thing Rich that I noticed is that the check had not cleared the bank yet. You did get it didn't you. If not I will send you another one. Let me know.


This is what I sent to Mr. Kennedy.

>>> Charles Stewart 1/26/2010 4:00 PM >>>
You won't be disappointed with his work!! as far as accuracy goes I have shot out to 1000 yards and have hit a 8 inch disk 8 out of ten shots. Also at 426 yards it will shoot under MOA each hole will touch the other. I LOVE this rifle!!! Any back to the rifle here is the following : I have the BAT action two lug made for the 338 LAPUA, (very strong action) with the rail and recoil lug machined in the action. Bartlein SS HV contour finished at 28 inches with a Harrells Precision brake. (Must have) The stock is up to you but I have the #10 in green camo (very nice stock) 3/4" limbsaver pad. Mine rifle is chambered for the 250 gr bullet, if you are going to hunt with this rifle it will be great or you can also shoot competition either way its not harsh to shoot and with the heavy varmint barrel if you put the cross hairs on the target you will hit what your aiming at!! Mr Franklin has built 3 rifles for me and all rifles are my pride and joy. He is one of the best people to talk to and he won't sell you something that you don't need. I am not a wealthy man but his prices are very good. when he builds you a rifle its a work of art and any person you show will drooooool! he's the BEST!!
any questions let me know and I'll be happy to answer.
Charlie Stewart, Cal


Sir, I have just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours reading your story on your website & I have to say you are a helluva story teller!

Now I don't mean that you are telling tall tales but that you write very well indeed & the way that you tell the story brings it to life for the reader. I can't imagine how hard it must have been in those early days in BC for you & your family as I am sure there were many hardships left untold. I laughed my ass off (no pun intended) at your tale of the coyote that wasn't quite dead when you hauled him off, truth surely is stranger than fiction!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your life story is both interesting & enjoyable to read & I look forward to more chapters of it being written.

I wish you the very best of health for 2009, most sincerely, George Joy.

CEO & Founder


Hi Richard,
I've been reloading ammunition since I was about 19. I am 36 now, started out with a 1976 RCBS  JR Press setup that I bought for $20 from a guy who just wanted to get rid of some old junk. Now I've expanded my collection that includes a Dillon progressive Super 1050 and XL650 machines in own dedicated loading room.
 I just finished watching your video on Precision loading for accuracy, and wanted to say thank you for producing such a fine video for passing on your knowledge about reloading.  I found it to be very informative, and your video explained to me several areas that I have always wondered about, but never fully understood. You really hit on key areas that I feel will really help me improve my handloads and quality of ammunition that I can produce.
I love your method of determining OAL using a cleaning rod.  I will for sure use this in the future.
Anyways, as I said I just wanted to say thank you, and your efforts are very much appreciated.
The only other thing I can say to add to your video, would be a trip to the range to show what your handloading methods can produce! 
 Pete vanEykeren
411 Whites Road
Trenton, ON
K8V 5P5



I found your web site and enjoyed reading your “Pages of my Life“. I bought a lathe and mill several years ago but have yet to use them. Reading your site has excited me to dream again. Thank you for taking the time to print your life story.

Don Grenz

PS I will be ordering your DVD


My name is Lloyd Hill. I believe you know My brother Russell Hill. He talks about you often as most of our conversations usually turn toward very accurate rifles. Well he and I were talking about your rifles last night and I was looking through your website. Anyway I started reading your history and stories at about 0200. I have not been able to stop until I finished a few minutes ago. I appreciate the brutal honesty in some of the history, and the humor. You have led a truly eventful and interesting life and I just wanted to say thanks for a really enjoyable read.

Lloyd Hill

Richard the Philosopher,

Hope you don't mind, but I refer to you as Richard Franklin - the 
great philosopher, occasionally.

Through your writings, as you are fully aware, you have left some 
basic truths of life.

Thanks for the nuggets . . .

les philosophical



You built a .17 HMR for me a few years ago on a CZ action.  Tonight I stumbled upon your web site after many years absence and saw and read your life story.  It was wonderful.  Thanks so much for sharing it. 


 Jordan Funk

Alturas, CA

 I just wanted to let you know that I have been listing some custom built rifles on the gunbroker and I have got three orders from my listings. I am working on a website like you suggested and it looks promising. I love to build rifles and with the help from your videos I am now able to build them much better than I ever thought. Thanks for all your help and keep making those instructional videos. I will buy everyone you can make. You do an excellent job with them.
 The muzzle loader I started on a few weeks ago is all most finished. I am waiting on a trigger guard to do the final fitting and then the stock will be ready for clear coat. I am excited to see how it will shoot. While making the bullet swager I went through 3 dies trying to get it just right. There is a real fine line between fitting the bore and not fitting the bore.
 Thanks again for all your help and if I am ever in Virgina I would like to stop by and say Hello.
                                                                                                               Jeff Hankins. 
I have finished watching two of the three videos you sent me.
Really, I am only interested in the learning aspect of machining and gunsmithing. I have no affinity for all the video editing bells and whistles. Your simplicity in your video certainly bled over into the sincerity and process you were trying to convey.
Being a newbie at all of this I am beginning to realize that gunsmithing techniques are not "top secret" as every avenue I have sought has been more than forthcoming in technique and advise. 
You are one of the gentlemen that made it that way.
Wally Cox
San Antonio, TX 


Hello, Richard

I've been so impressed with your website. Great stories, some I can relate to. I grew up in a true to life 1880 style frontier town (killed lots of bad men, with my Colt 44-40, and double barrel sawed off 12 Ga. LOL), and horseback riding stable in the Texas panhandle south of Amarillo, at Palo Duro Canyon. We still rent horses, and our family has had this business running for 47 years. My Dad will be 80 in February, he rides a 6 year old Arab. Stud. He was riding Prince with me awhile back and when we stopped Dad got a big grin and told me that when he's on Prince he's as fast as he was at 30. I'm so blessed. I've always wanted to hunt and fish in Alaska I'm 56 and had better get that dream going. Richard that Turkish Walnut stock, and the way you laminate them is amazing! Anyway you do the nicest pillar bedding I've ever seen, and maybe I missed something but I couldn't figure out how to order the DVD and pay for it with paypal from the video page. Thanks and GOD's Blessings, Mikel Sorenson


Video comments, Dec. 2011

Mr. Franklin,

 I purchased the DVD set on building a custom smokeless muzzleloader from you a couple of months ago. I watched the set, and decided to build one of these rifles for Ohio deer hunting. The ability to shoot 500 yards on a whitetail made this a very beneficial project. The instructions were very good, and you answered all of my other questions very quickly by email. Bob Parker (Parker Productions) was also a wealth of knowledge when it came to the bullet selection. I will list out the components that I used on the build.

 Remington 700 SA

Krieger Barrel (Stainless, 0.450-0.458", 1-18" twist, #19 contour, 28" finished length)

HS Precision Stock

Nightforce Base

Harrels Precision Brake

Leupold VX2 6-18x40mm

Parker 275 Ballistic Extreme (.45 cal)

Jewel trigger with top safety

 I oversized the scope base screws to 8-40. I decided to leave the ramrod off of the rifle since it took quite a while to free float the barrel. Maybe it would not make a difference being on there though. I cut mine in half and threaded it for field use, easily carried in my pack. Tonight, I test fired the muzzleloader for the first time at 50 yards. I wanted to get any bugs worked out before going up to the 300 yard range. I do believe it is going to shoot excellent based on the preliminary results (3 shots right at 0.300" center to center). I shot two times to adjust my scope and then the group pictured. The barrel was not cleaned between shots, but after the 5 rounds were down range it did clean very quickly. The barrel is very good. This weekend I will be shooting out to 300 yards, and the following weekend deer hunting with this rifle. I hope to get zero's out to 500 yards in the spring when I have more time to shoot. The rifle is a pleasure to shoot. Thank you for offering the instructional material like this. The project turned out great in my mind and a very large part of that is because of you. Thanks Again!

 Jonathan Zimmerman



It makes me very happy to see fellows like you learning and building nice rifles from my videos. It sure is a fine rifle and know you will like it. There is one suggestion I would make and that is the stock. If you want to be able to shoot this thing and have it behave like a baby you should consider getting one of my model 11 stocks from Tommy Shurley. Nearly all of the MLs I built were based on this stock. It removes a great deal of the felt recoil from the muzzleloader. You will not believe it until you try it. The 1st rifle I built for myself went into the HS Precision stock like yours because it was here and quick. Later I put the rifle into the model 11 and day and night to shoot. I have many times fired over 100 rounds off the bench and enjoyed it.. Just pull the rifle back into the shoulder really tight and be sure you are behind the rifle. Its amazing that tight groups can be shot this way but they can.

PS Always be sure to use primer holders that are TIGHT. I have fired over 300 rounds on this one nipple and it just keeps on keeping on.

  If it is ok with you I will post your comments on my website.

  Good luck on the hunt and have a great New Year.


( Video comments )


I got your groundhog DVD yesterday, stayed up way past bedtime watching it, could not believe what your 300 wsm is doing to hogs.  The dvd was put together very professionally, I enjoyed it.  The only thing missing was me being in it. Ha/Ha.... 

  Gary Davis, Amelia, Virginia



I just finished viewing your video, "Death In The Green Grass 2006". WOW !!!  You gentlemen must've had more fun than should be legally permissible. As I had stated in my note that accompanied my check for your video, I've shot prairie dogs before, but never a ground hog. Hunting ground hogs looks to be more of a challenge, than shooting prairie dogs, note the difference, shooting vs hunting. Some of those hogs looked like real bruisers too, so I can see the reason for your choices in rifle/cartridge combinations, to anchor them solidly. I could also see how your mobile shooting bench played a key role in being able to make the shots necessary to hit your intended targets at those extended ranges. I liked the fact that you also included the missed shots at your targets, makes it very realistic in actual hunting conditions. No BS, just the actual facts as they happened.


Robert Gonzalez, North Carolina

  Richard, this has got to be one of the finest varmint hunting videos on the market today.  Its grass-roots production gives it a realistic feel, and your one-on-one approach with the viewer makes it as if the viewer were sitting right next to you during the hunt.  While Ive seen some good videos on coyote and prairie dog hunting, nothing on the topic of groundhog hunting comes close to the volume and quality of this project.

Steve Boelter

Small Caliber News


Gentle men I just got started on this DVD and had to stop for dinner. I am going back to it, it is awsome every thing is excellent so far its a winner, if you like to shoot you won't be sorry. I give a recap after I finish. It is great!!!!

  Don Scott


Richard, once again you've done it. WHAT A TERRIFIC VIDEO. The scenery was beautiful, the shooting great, liked the introductions of your huntin buddies and grandson Mike (what a lucky kid), the equipment showing was helpful as usual but most of all I liked the "DOWN HOME UNCENSORED HUMOR. If they gave out Oscars for HOG HUNTIN movies you would probably sweep the awards. Only problem is it makes me homesick for some HOG HUNTIN myself. GREAT JOB AGAIN.

Tommy Damario, Fairbanks, Alaska



I just received "Death In the Green Grass 2006" today. I have never seen long range shooters have so much fun. Your rundown on the equipment gave me some new ideas, and the photography of the hits and misses was great. The panorama of the beautiful Virginia countryside and wildlife was an extra treat.

I think I just might have to order a few more copies for Christmas gifts -- my shooting buddies ain't get'n mine!

Jim Hardy

Dear Richard,
Have just broken my mates arms to get "Death in the Green Grass" off him, just didn't want to give it up! Gotta say, I love it ... how much? When can I move countries! Great shooting, great country, in answer to your own statement at the end of the DVD .. how can you not do another one! I'd like to see a lot more of your rifles, 300WSM is awesome and definatly more shots like the latest clip on your website (890yd deer). What did you hit that with? Cos I want one to take to Scotland. All the best.
Phil Tinkley           England


Good Morning Richard

I received the DVDs that i ordered this past Saturday, the technical DVDs are VERY informative and very well put together! And the hog hunting DVD is just OUTSTANDING the best varmint hunting film i have ever watched!! Keep up the good work in both the shop and the field and you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous and Happy New Year!!

Mike OBrien

Maurertown Virginia


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