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Metal Working for a Rifle Smith


Instructional Video on DVD for the beginner and advanced rifle smith. This training video is intended for those individuals that have a desire to build their own rifles and for the advanced machinist that wants to learn the ins and outs of blueprinting a Remington action and threading and chambering barrels for any type of action including custom cone bolt actions. Installing Sako extractors, muzzle brakes, crowning barrels, how to set up your Lathe for the work, tool bit grinding, making jigs and fixtures and much, much more. I have had many customers that purchased this video tell me they have successfully put together their first rifle. Many were inspired by this video to purchase a lathe and learn to operate it and build their first rifle. You will see many things on this video that some gunsmiths call secrets. Some of the best accuracy gunsmiths building custom rifles today were self-taught and had only the desire to build precision accurate rifles. There are no secrets in machining a precision accurate and good looking rifle. Every detail is shown. Nothing was left out. This video has been our best seller since the day I completed it in 2004. $38.00 with free shipping in the USA. Note; As of September 2015 I am again building custom rifles. Email Thanks, Richard Franklin