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Inletting, Bedding, & Clear-Coating Stocks - 2 DVD Set


Instructional Video on 2 DVDs. This two-disk set offers the most comprehensive videos on the subject of stock inletting finishing and bedding available. Complete instructions in detail on inletting stocks on a vertical milling machine, sanding and preparing a stock for the finish and complete instructions in applying automotive clear coat to your stock plus instructions on making pillars and stress free pillar bedding the action into the stock. Includes a section on the install and grinding of recoil pads. This is a very detailed video and shows a great deal of rifle work. This video has the exact same pillar bedding instructions as our STRESS FREE PILLAR BEDDING VIDEO PLUS MUCH MORE. This is a two disc video of about 4 hours run time. $38.00 with free shipping in the USA. Note; As of September 2015 I am again building custom rifles. Email Thanks, Richard Franklin