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How to Build a Smokeless Powder Muzzle Loader - 2 DVD Set


Instructional Video with two DVD discs. Build your own precision modern smokeless powder long range high velocity, accurate muzzle loader. Reach out there 500 yards and get that Buck. These rifles can hold one MOA to over 400 yards Video features many hours of filming on the lathe and milling machine. This is a 2-disk DVD set and many hours on complete instructions on every detail of building a custom smokeless powder muzzle loader. Shows all metal work, How to make the primer holders from cartridge cases, Installing the barrel on a Remington 700 action, fitting breech plug and nipple, setting the correct head space, fitting ramrod and barrel band to hold it. Includes a section on stock stress free pillar bedding and pillars, Stock sanding and finishing, how to properly prepare a stock, and applying a clear coat finish, installing recoil pads and more. Shows a few videoed shots with the first few bullets to go down the barrel of the particular rifle built during filming of this video. These are the most accurate, the hardest hitting (5000 ft-lbs, muzzle energy), the fastest velocity at 2900 FPS with a 250 grain Parker bullet in the USA. Bob Parker now has a new 300 grain high BC big game bullet out for this rifle. I have killed deer to 400 yards and groundhogs to 580 yards with my rifle. I have had many fellows call or email me they successfully built their muzzle loader from this video. The $38..00 price includes free shipping in the USA. Note; As of September 2015 I am again building custom rifles. Email