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Groundhog Hunting with Muzzleloaders


Groundhog Hunting Video on DVD. If you order the instructual videon on building a smokeless powder muzzle loader then you should have a look at this video as it shows the muzzleloader in action with some very long shots. In 2010 Roy and I decided we would hunt Groundhogs all summer with our smokeless powder muzzle loaders. We filmed it all and came up with this video. The 45 caliber rifle shooting the 250 gr. Parker Ballistic Extreme bullets does an awesome number on the 10-14 lb Groundhogs. The Parker bullet is very explosive at the 3000 FPS we were shooting them. All shooting on this video was made with our smokeless powder custom 45 caliber muzzleloaders with Groundhogs shot out to around 500 plus yards. Included is a short clip of culling Deer with these muzzle loaders at the end of the video. Some of these shots on Deer were made out to 400 plus yards.There are many amazing unbelievable shots with these muzzle loaders on this video These custom muzzle loaders shoot under one MOA to 400 yards with a Parker 250 grain bullet and IMR 4198 powder. Velocity is right at 3000 feet per second. The Parker 250s are very explosive at that velocity and really mess up Groundhogs at any range. We also shoot the Parker 300 grain bullet at 2850 feet per second with nearly 6000 lbs. of muzzle energy. CAUTION -- This is a Red Mist video. The $23.00 price includes free shipping in the USA only. Note; As of September 2015 I am again building custom rifles. Email Thanks, Richard Franklin