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Death in the Green Grass 2008 - 2 DVD Set


Groundhog Hunting Video on 2 DVDs. This exciting groundhog hunting video features the 6 MM IMP, the 300 Varminter, and the ultimate varmint cartridge, the 30-338 Lapua at 4350 feet per second and our custom made smokeless powder muzzle loaders

Death in the Green Grass ll, 2008 is the second of my Groundhog hunting videos and was filmed during the summer of 2008. This is a 2-Disk Set and about 5 hours of pure Virginia hog shooting. Many very long range kills with the 300 Varminter and the 30-338 Lapua shooting the 125 grain Ballistic tip at about 4350 fps. Also many long range kills with our smokeless powder muzzle loaders out to 580 yards. CAUTION: This is a Red Mist video.

The $26.00 price for this 2-Disk Set includes free shipping in the United States only. For out of USA orders  please email me and I will email a Paypal invoice for the $26.00 purchase price plus $6.00 for out of country shipping.