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Item's for Sale:

I have several Take off new Remington 700 triggers-$40.00 each + $5.00 shipping

New Remington take off barrels;

Blued 223 30" with .660" muzzle dia.  $40.00 + 8.00 shipping

Blued 243 22" with .660" muzzle dia. $40.00 + 8.00 shipping

All barrels unfired condition

As of 2018 I have several PT&G reamers with pilots and go gauges. Email me if intrested. These reamers have cut no more than two chambers each.

I also have my 5 year old super insulated home near Fortine, Montana for sale at $250.000.00. 2184 square feet is heated with two cords of fire wood per winter. Deer & Elk feed in my yard and all sorts of critters pass by including Grizz & black bears, Wolves, Mt. Lions, Moose ect. the Turkeys have to be chased away on a regular basis as they are nasty to have in your yard. Come spring when the snow melts there is an abundant supply of poop to be tracked into the house.


Richard 2018


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